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Ars Mater Gallery is an art gallery that manifests in the online system.

We sell carefully curated works of contemporary art, works made by artists for whom living is synonymous with creating.

In works created for Ars Mater Gallery, our represented artists are approaching and choosing unique themes of their entire body of art work.

Beyond the uniqueness of the theme, the works of art sold by Ars Mater Gallery are certified and authenticated blockchain.

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Are you a collector?  Are you a buyer?  Do you like the artworks presented or do you want a special order? Write us at collecting@arsmater.com


Are you a journalist? We answer all questions. Write us at media@arsmater.com


Are you an artist? Want to be represented by Ars Mater Gallery? Write us at artist@arsmater.com

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Do you want other information? Write us at contact@arsmater.com

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