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Ars Mater
We are dedicated to sharing and discussing various art forms such as illustration, painting, photography, sculpture and so much more.

The Ars Matter Gallery

We carefully curated works of contemporary art, works made by artists for whom living is synonymous with creating.

Ars Mater Gallery is an art gallery that manifests in the online system.

In works created for Ars Mater Gallery, our represented artists are approaching and choosing unique themes of their entire body of artwork.

Featured Collection

The “Dripping Gold” series by Sabina Tupan is a melting body of work, a stilled liquid performance, if you may, formed of three paintings that informed a later work titled Womb Coronation.

The series celebrates the body and its contents as the chosen color scheme appoints an almost regal status to the entire display of limbs and liquids; the play between the fiery scarlet red, the sober ultramarine blue, and oh so precious golden tones reveal an introspective narrative awaiting glorification.

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